The things you miss most after your loved ones are gone are the irreplaceable. A laugh. The way eyes light up when telling a story. A quirky crooked smile or comical raised eyebrow. We want to remember, we intend to pass the details of heartwarming interactions and exciting adventures on to future generations—but often we fail to record experiences and stories in ways that last. Our memories fade.

The expert videographers at Your Life Story Videos can help you record those irreplaceable memories and pass them along to future generations. They will interview and work with loved ones to video favorite sayings and stories. The footage is then combined with photos and/or video and music and crafted into a well-told, expertly-edited video that your family will cherish forever.

While recording details of ancestry and family stories is important for providing a sense of where we’ve been, Your Life Story Videos is not just a way to preserve history. It is a way to truly connect with loved ones while we are still alive. By sharing the impact others have on us, we leave behind the wisdom of lives well-lived. Creating a Your Life Story Video is a life-affirming act of appreciation and love that lives on long beyond our memories and puts down solid roots for generations to come.

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About Connie

Connie J. Doebele spent 25 years at C-SPAN, the nation’s public-affairs cable television network. During that time she was Senior Executive Producer of several of C-SPAN’s signature programs and originating producer of three long-running series, “America and the Courts,” “Washington Journal” and “Book TV.” She moderated thousands of programs, among them former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Laura Bush, and was originating producer for much of C-SPAN’s international coverage during her time with the company. Connie has also worked on C-SPAN documentaries on the Library of Congress, the White House,  the Supreme Court, and the Blair House.

Years of work in front of and behind the camera make Connie particularly suited for helping clients of Your Life Story Videos capture the most compelling and memorable stories to pass down to their family and friends. An impeccable listener and compassionate interviewer, Connie knows when to gently coax and when to let the story flow freely. In 2005, Doebele interviewed soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center who had lost limbs during fighting in Iraq. In 2008, she traveled to locations around the country to interview those same soldiers to see how their lives had changed. The result was a weeklong series she produced called “Three Years Later: Conversations with Iraq War Vets.”

Doebele left C-SPAN in 2011 and moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to start her business, Your Life Story Videos.  She has also produced a video for the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum in Staunton, Virginia and is currently working on a documentary about the history of Wilson Workforce Rehabilitation Center and its predecessor which helped rehabilitate soldiers returning from combat during World War II.  She is an active hospice volunteer in the Shenandoah Valley, where she conducts Life Stories pro bono for patients in their final days.  She also serves on the Board of the Augusta County Historical Society and the Augusta Hospital Foundation.